Sport Fishing In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the beautiful Canary Islands where people love to fish, and we wanted to share with you many tips that will help with your next excursion. It is quite easy to have a good time on the island when you have arrived for your next fishing trip, and this article covers all the ways you may enjoy yourself while on the island. Lanzarote fishing is a joy for all who have tried it, and you will notice a lifting of your spirit when you are on clear waters searching for gorgeous tropical fish.

Lanzarote Fishing – Overview

The majority of fishing on Lanzarote is done from charter boats, and you may charter a vessel at any time. You typically do not travel with your fishing gear, and you may rent all the gear from the charter company. They will prepare you for the trip, and they will take you out on the water when you are ready to fish.

You may send your application for a fishing license into the government before you take your trip, and you will notice how simple it is to complete your application online. The trip cannot commence unless you have your fishing license, and you must note which sort of fishing you plan to do. The application may be completed for spear fishing, shore fishing and fishing from a boat. Choose carefully, and the government will issue your license given what you have requested.

Types of Fish Off Lanzarote

The list of fish off Lanzarote is quite long, but you can expect to see swordfish and marlin of many varieties. These are large fish that are often caught in this area because they swim and spawn in the area. You may look through lists of fish that have been offered by the charter companies, and you will see a number of smaller fish that include sole and sea trout. You may catch any number of things when you go out far enough, and you may ask the charter company to take you to a place where they know a particular fish is gathered.

You may see tuna and amberjack in the waters around the island, and there are wahoo, bonito and barracuda that you may find. There are many fish that will fight you when you get them on the reel, but they are worth the wait because you may find a fish that is up to 500 kilos.

Specialized Fishing Gear And Information

The information you get for fishing gear when you arrive in Lanzarote is specific to the charter company you have contacted. These companies are willing to rent you the gear you need, and they will pilot the boat that takes you off shore. You may ask the company to rent everyone in your party the most basic gear possible, or you may purchase lures when you arrive at their tackle shop.

You are given a fishing seat that you may be strapped into for your own safety, and you will be given a few pointers on fishing once you are on the boat. You are helped by the captain of the vessel while you are fishing, and they will assist with young children who have come with you perhaps for the first time.

There are specific lures that may be used to catch certain fish, and it is wise to ask the charter company which fish they believe you will catch with which lure. They tell you exactly what you need to know, and you will not want for anything once you are on the water.

Charters In Lanzarote

Charters in Lanzarote dot every marina that is on the island. You must shop around for charter companies as they all have their own prices, boats and gear. You may choose a company that is friendly to children, and you may choose a company that offers a boat of the size you need.

You may schedule your charters in advance, and you will find that each of the charters will be ready for you when you arrive. These companies will prepare in advance for you, and they will have all the gear and other items you need once you arrive. You will save yourself quite a lot of time when you have booked your charter before you leave for your trip, and you will shove off the dock just after you meet the charter captain.

What You Can Expect To Pay For Charters in Lanzarote

You may expect to pay between 75 and 100 euros for your trip, and that will help you get on the water for four to eight hours. Each company is different, and you must shop around before you leave on your trip. You will have many hours of pleasure hunting fish off the coast of Lanzarote.