Sport Fishing Lanzarote is one of the pioneers in Lanzarote offering shark and big game fishing excursions since the begining of the nineties, gaining the trust of both tourists and tour operators alike. Our boats leave regularly from the port of Puerto del Carmen.
Come on board for a great day's fishing!

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Fish species in the Canary Islands: The puffer fish

February 26th, 2015|0 Comments

The Tetraodontidae is a family of fish that includes many species, mainly with the colloquially given name puffer fish, porcupine of the sea or sea ostrich, for its ability to […]

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How do you make a mold for fishing weights? #DIY

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We share this useful video (in Spanish) with you which shows a really simple way on how  to make a mold to make homemade weights . Following the detailed instructions […]

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“The Sea of Memories” : A documentary about traditional fishing in Lanzarote

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From ancient Aboriginal practices are applied to fishing in Lanzarote via the “African fisheries” during the eighteenth century to the introduction of new fleet and the canning industry in the twentieth […]

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Fishing trips in Lanzarote during the winter months

November 24th, 2014|0 Comments

The high season for big game fishing is about to end in Lanzarote and therefore from 23rd November  we will only be doing BOTTOM FISHING AND COASTAL TROLLING in the […]


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  • Accesible boat
  • Largest fleet
  • We’re really nice guys!

What Client’s Say

Had a great day (January 6th) on the catfish. Many new species to add to my list. For pictures check
The variety of fish during bottum fishing is just crazy. Got 10 different species in one day on the catfish. Great crew and a nice boat! Thank you Paco!
I enjoyed Lanzarote very much and will come back some time for the bigger game fish.
Pieter Beelen
hello to you all on the katfish and a big thank you for the days fishing on september 1 yes the marlin did fight well and it was a pleasure to see it swim away alas i missed out on photos as i was holding the rod at the time with my nerves in pieces i will certainly be booking up another trip when i come out next year good luck to you in the competition have tight lines and big fish
Alun Phillips
Great helpers, great fish! especially for my birthday present!
Daniel Thorburn, Dec 7th, 2012